Narconon is a code name for Scientology

This site is dedicated to protecting those seeking services for themselves, or a loved one, suffering with an alcohol or drug addiction from the misrepresentations, cons, scams, deceptions, and fraud that come from Narconon and it's concealed base in Scientology.

You or your loved one has decided to take a tremendous step toward ending the destruction and devastation that drugs/alcohol has had on your lives. Whether you know it or not, this a very vulnerable time for you and this site is here to help you protect yourself from becoming prey to Narconon's deceptive practices.

As you are searching for the right rehabilitation program please review this page to protect yourself from Narconon. So many others have lost their dreams of rehabilitation and their money to Narconon.

Read the tips below, and the actual stories of others before you send a dime or a loved one to Narconon.

Tips & Advice

Tip #1 - Narconon is a False Front & Scientology Recruitment Method
Narconon is a front group for the Church of Scientology. This is documented on the internet. Please keep in mind that Narconon is based upon the works of L. Ron Hubbard used and practiced by the Church of Scientology. Scientology is looking to recruit you or your loved one as a member and you or your loved one will be offered opportunities to work for Narconon or attend Scientology classes or seminars after completing the program. Narconon is looking to take your money to forward the interests and programs run by the Church of Scientology.

Tip #2 - Narconon's Undisclosed Brainwashing Tactics
Be aware that once at the resident facility, Narconon has "students" studying books with writings from L. Ron Hubbard. These books have been found to be useless for many people seeking help for their drug and/or alcohol addiction. The books instruct Training Routines that are Scientology brainwashing tactics. The undisclosed methods that Narconon use consist of bullbaiting techniques (calling the student names, using profanities). Read more about their techniques here:

Tip # 3 - Read
Read what the state of California said in 2005 about Narconon's programs and it's unscientifically based programs that contain inaccurate and misleading statements: Narconon Drug Abuse Prevention Program Evaluation Evaluation of the Narconon Drug Abuse Prevention Program, prepared for the California Department of Education by the California Healthy Kids Resource Center, January 2005.

Tip #4 - Consult a Certified Medical Doctor about Serious Medical Health Risks
Narconon's "detox" is really Scientology "Purification Rundown," which is deemed *dangerous* to the health of people by *all* medical experts. Put simply, Narconon is engaging in deceptive medical claims when in come to its detox treatment (sauna+vitamins) as it is not based on science, and it is *dangerous* to the health of people.


Several lawsuits have been filed against Scientology by families who blame its "purification" programs for their relatives' deaths. In Portland, Ore., the parents of Christopher Arbuckle, 25, filed suit after he took a Purification Rundown course that requires running several hours each day in a sauna and a diet rich in vitamins, including megadoses of niacin.

Arbuckle died after his liver failed. Arbuckle's parents settled out of court for an undisclosed amount and agreed not to discuss the case. "Arbuckle died after his liver failed." "Purification: Liver damage"

Tip #5 - Ask for Proof of Education & Drug Rehabilitation Training

Question counselor qualifications. Narconon counselors are likely recent graduates who have no drug education other than the Scientology practices they learned at Narconon and Narconon staff training. They are not trained in first aid, drug abuse treatment, medicine, or counseling.

Tip #6 - Use Caution
Use much caution when visiting and contacting internet 'rehab referral hotlines'. If you do contact one, make sure you get a variety of provider choices and not just one that pushes a single provider, like Narconon.

In particular, beware of the referral hotlines which Narconon has on the internet. It is very likely that the person you are speaking to is being paid by Narconon.

Here are some examples of how Narconon's internet hotline and referral service work:

ie: If you call Desiree Romero at the "Drug Rehab Center Hotline", (800)501-9330, you may think you are talking to someone who is helping you choose the right rehab out of the many rehab programs available. You might believe someone from such a hotline would suggest a rehab that is best suited for you or your loved one based on what type of rehab you are looking for, what your medical needs are, your budget, etc. But it is much more likely that Desiree will only refer callers to Narconon. The evidence is in court cases and on the internet.

Desiree Romero is a highly paid former Narconon employee who works as an independent contractor for marketing Narconon services to various Narconons across the USA. She is listed on Stone Hawk Rehabilitation Center Inc. tax returns as a top 5 highly compensated independent contractor and most likely is paid by all the Narconons she refers people to. You can find her name listed here and on page 10 of this online non-profit info site document

ie: Drug Rehab Resource 1-866-649-1594

There are 580 links for "1-866-649-1594 " and 835 pages of links, many of which lead to this web site called "drug rehab resource." It is another Narconon 'drug referral hotline' that does nationwide outeach all over the internet. The pages say:

"Problems with drug or alcohol addiction in a loved one? Don't know whom to turn to for help? Contact Drug Rehab Resource for a free confidential consultation to find the help you need. Call today 1-866-649-1594 or find out more at Don't wait.

The same web page archived at shows that this website has used different phone numbers, all leading to Narconon Georgia or a scientologist businessman named Damaso Gerard Delgado aka Don Delgado of Marietta, GA:


404-207-2761 Last updated 3/20/2006

866-649-1594 Last updated 3/20/2006

A search of 770-896-3974 Shows that the number is now a phone line at Narconon GA.

Narconon of Georgia Drug Rehabilitation
Telephone: 770-379-0208, 770-896-3974 Fax: 770-395-9431

Narconon of Georgia Drug Rehabilitation

Tip #7 - Be Skeptical
Do not believe everything the recruiter tells you, he/she has been instructed to say anything to get you to choose Narconon.

Tip # 8 - Beware of False Promises
Beware of false promises: Narconon continues to boast an unverifiable and unheard of success rate ranging anywhere from 70% - 86%.

DO NOT believe Narconon's unfounded claims of an 86% recovery rate.

Narconon's actual success rate: In a Swedish study (the only reliable independent study to date), the success rate was actually 6.6%. View study and results by following this link:

"Only 6.6% of enrolees said they had stayed totally drug free for one year afterwards."

Tip #9 - Beware of Deceeptive Practices
As a deceitful practice, Narconon may not give you anything in writing before you or your loved one goes to their facility. Narconon recruiters will likely request full payment before you are aware of their Scientology based principles, their Consumer Policy or their Admission Agreements.

Copies of Narconon of Southern California agreements can be found at:

Tip # 10 - Do Your Research & Choose Wisely

When choosing a rehabilitation program ask about the program's refund policy. Some facilities have no refund policies but do not advertise their policies or state them during the recruitment stage of the conversation. Try to get something about their program and refund policy in writing BEFORE you send or give authorization paying the money. Send written questions and insist you get a written response to them before you pay a penny. This applies to Narconon and any program you are considering.

Tip #11 - Do Not Buy Into Lies Regarding Insurance

Do not believe Narconon's lies about insurance coverage. Narconon might instruct you to pay in advance and tell you that you will be reimbursed. Most insurance companies do not recognize Narconon as legitimate and will not reimburse you.

Tip # 12 - Ask Questions & Be Assertive
If you arrive to your facility and the program does not offer the services promised, you need to be able to get a fast and easy refund, so that you or your loved one can go to a more suitable facility and get the help you need. Do not hesitate to get yourself or your loved one out at the first broken promise, because one broken promise generally means you have been lied to in the other promises. This is particularly a problem with the Narconon programs across the USA.

The longer you or the loved one stays despite the broken promises, the harder it is to get a full or partial refund. If you don't have the promises in writing, you, like many victims, won't be able to get a refunds and for those who did, it was not without alot of effort and legal assistance. Anyone can tell you anything over the phone and there are few laws to protect you from being taken by false promises.

Save yourself the effort and money and get out at the first broken promise, no matter what rehab program you have contracted with. Then put a stop payment on the check or the credit card payment and send a letter putting them on notice that you have done so and why and that you will pursue legal proceedings if you are not able to get a refund.

Tip #13 - Review this list carefully in case a recruiter has given you the name of a residence facility and NOT told you that it is a Narconon facility.

Narconon's No Refund Policy Facilites:
Narconon of Southern California, Newport Beach
Narconon Joshua Hills, Palm Desert, California
Narconon of Southern California, San Diego, Warner Springs
Narconon of West Hollywood
Narconon of Northern California, Placerville, Vista Bay
Narconon Vista Bay, Watsonville, California
Narconon Sacramento
Narconon Florida, Clearwater
Narconon Eastern United States, Clearwater, Florida
Narconon Gulf Coast Inc. Destin, Florida
Narconon Arrowhead Canadian, Oklahoma
Narconon Idaho, Burley, Idaho
Narconon Hawaii
Narconon Inc. Woburn, MA
Narconon of Georgia, Norcross
Narconon Stone Hawk, Albion, Michigan
Narconon Stone Hawk, Battle Creek, Michigan
Narconon Stone Hawk Mainistee, Michigan

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Valid Rehabilitation Resources

Sadly, here in California we have a tremendous drug problem. The Church of Scientology is diverting people from getting the help that we need by lying, misrepresenting, and conning us into sending ourselves and our loved ones to their Narconon Centers. My opinion as a Californian having been ripped off by Narconon is that the organization should be banned from operating in California, and even in the United States. The government needs to protect people so that the efforts for rehabilitating self or loved ones can go on undisturbed by the Church of Scientology's effort to recruit new members and take their hard earned money. Narconon is a multimillion dollar business founded in the practices of Scientology and deceit.

Here is the federal web site that contains the referral hotline number, along with links to their facility locator and information pages. This referral line will be able to help you locate any facility in the USA as well as any 'step down' facilities closer to your home.

Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration -

SAMHSA Substance Abuse Information for the Public

Substance Abuse Information for Individuals:

You can call SAMHSA's Toll-Free Referral Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (1-800-662-4357)

Are you looking for a treatment facility in your area?

Go to SAMHSA's Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator:

Go to "A Quick Guide to Finding Effective Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment"

Substance Abuse Information for Families

SAMHSA's sister agencies at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have more public information:

National Institute on Drug Abuse -
National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism -

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Good Luck to You and Your Loved Ones
If this site has helped educate and hopefully kept you from choosing the Narconon program so that you might find a legitimate rehabilitation program for you or your loved one, please let us know.

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